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Knicks Legend Rips Charles Barkley



Knicks Legend Rips Charles Barkley

Don’t expect New York Knicks legend Charles Oakley to shed a tear when the sun sets on Charles Barkley’s broadcasting career.

Speaking with longtime NBA insider Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson on Scoop B Radio, Oakley held nothing back when asked about the impending retirement of Barkley, whose broadcasting endeavors are said to be ending once TNT loses NBA rights after this upcoming season.

“Who gives a f*** about Charles Barkley?” Oakley rhetorically declared in a video interview with Robinson. “He needs to go to the gym and worry about his health. His mouth is going to get him in trouble. I mean, he’s a clown, point blank. He looks for attention and the stuff that he says now he would never say back in the day about no player. Someone’s gonna punch him in his fat mouth! “

Oakley and Barkley shared some heated battle in NBA interiors throughout their respective accomplished careers. Since his retirement in 2000, Barkley has become well-renowned for his humorous analysis on TNT’s studio coverage.

Oakley, however, isn’t buying the act, hinting that Barkley wouldn’t be so critical during his playing days, or even earlier in his broadcasting career.

“Everybody out here now knows that’s why I didn’t say anything back then 15-20 years ago and now he wants to say it now?” Oakley remarked. “We were in college, the NBA and you had time to say your stuff, and now 12-13 years go by, and now he wants to say something now. He’s just full of s***.”

If its any consolation to Oakley, one of the most fearsome paint-dwellers in Knicks history, his ears won’t have to put up with Barkley’s takes for much longer: the former Philadelphia 76er/Phoenix Sun/Houston Rocket has announced his intentions to retire following TNT’s final season of broadcasting NBA games after parent company Warner Bros. Discovery fell out of the running on a new TV contract negotations.

For his part, Barkley appears to harbor no ill will toward Oakley, telling Robinson that he’s “got nothing against” the metropolitan big man in 2017.

“He hates me,” Barkley said. “That’s on him.”

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