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Jon Runyan, Josh Myers among NFL’s top 25 in performance pay for 2022



Green Bay Packers offensive linemen Jon Runyan Jr. and Josh Myers both finished among the NFL’s top 25 in performance-based pay distributions for the 2022 season.

From the NFL: “Performance-Based Pay program is a collectively bargained benefit that compensates all players based upon their playing time and salary levels.”

In other words, the NFL uses an equation relating playing time and salary to benefit players who play a lot of snaps in a season but make lower salaries. In total, the fund will pay $336 million to NFL players from the 2022 season.

Runyan, a sixth-round pick in 2020, earned the fifth-most at $790,159, while Myers, a second-rounder in 2021, earned $638,041, the 24th most.

These payouts do not affect the salary cap.

Runyan played 1,117 total snaps last season but made only $895,000 in base salary. Myers played 1,141 total snaps last season but made only $913,643 in base salary. The performance payments attempt to bridge the gap between playing time and salary.

Runyan and Myers won’t be the only Packers players earning the payments, but the NFL only released the top 25 earners.

Runyan also earned a Proven Performance Escalator, upping his base salary to $2,743,000 in 2023, the final year of his rookie deal. Myers is on track to earn the PPE in 2024.

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