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Indiana Pacers’ Rick Carlisle ejected after Knicks’ controversial overturned double dribble



The Indiana Pacers and New York Knicks‘ rivalry is well renewed, and the emotions of it were on full display Wednesday night inside Madison Square Garden.

That was apparent in the waning seconds of the fourth quarter of the Eastern Conference semifinal matchup, when Indiana coach Rick Carlisle was ejected from the game after receiving his second technical of the quarter following a controversial overruled double dribble call.

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The issue began after officials signaled Isaiah Hartenstein for committing a double dribble with 1:19 left in the game (and the Pacers trailing 124-118). However, officials overturned the call — saying it was an inadvertent whistle — to keep possession with New York.

Here’s a look at Carlisle showing his displeasure of officials overturning their call:

The third-year Pacers coach appeared to have been tabbed his first technical during a timeout at the 41.1 second mark of the frame after he continued to show his frustration (which led to Knicks point guard Jalen Brunson to make two free throws). He was sent to the locker room after receiving his second technical foul when he clapped his hands in front of official Marc Davis.

Here’s a full look at the overturned call:

And here’s a look at Carlisle exiting the game, still clearly incensed.

The Pacers would lose the game 130-121, with Carlisle railing against the officiating in his postgame news conference.

“There were 29 plays in game one that we thought were clearly called the wrong way. I decided to not submit them because I just felt like we would get a more balanced whistle tonight. It didn’t feel that way,” Carlisle said in his postgame news conference on the foul disparity. “A couple of examples, 5:08 of the third, the whole world knows it (Pacers guard Tyrese) Haliburton has a bad back and (Knicks guard Josh) Hart comes up and shoves him in the back. It’s all over Twitter right now. … Jimmy DeRosa is right at it. You can see he has vision of the play.

“That was shocking and there were many others. I can promise you we will submit these tonight. New York can get ready and they will see them too. I’m always talking to our guys about not making it about the officials but we deserve a fair shot. There’s not a consistent balance and that is disappointing.”

Indiana returns to Gainbridge Fieldhouse down 2-0 to New York, with Game 3 set for Friday at 7 p.m. ET.

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