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Hunter Wendelstedt to face subtle discipline for Aaron Boone ejection



As MLB sorts out Monday’s strange ejection of Aaron Boone, what has become evident is Hunter Wendelstedt will be disciplined in more subtle ways.

MLB has talked with Boone and Wendelstedt, who tossed the Yankees manager five pitches into an eventual loss to the A’s in The Bronx.

Wendelstedt had warned Boone that he would eject him if Boone said another word.

Aaron Boone argues with umpire Hunter Wendelstedt after getting ejected during the Yankees’ loss to the A’s. Jason Szenes for the New York Post

Boone fell silent, but a fan behind the dugout appeared to yell at the umpire, and Wendelstedt then threw Boone out.

The league feels as if the matter could have been handled differently — and without the ejection — and the quick and apparently mistaken hook will be added to MLB’s overall evaluation of Wendelstedt.

As SNY first reported Wednesday, the league analyzes each umpire and uses that analysis to decide postseason and All-Star Game assignments.

Such events and games command extra pay.

It is still possible, obviously, for Wendelstedt to overcome one bad grade, but he has dug an early hole.

Boone, meanwhile, has spoken with Mike Hill, MLB’s senior vice president of on-field operations, and has been told he will not be fined.

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