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How much money will Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras Tour’ make?



Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras Tour’ kicks off tonight in Glendale, Arizona at the State Farm Stadium. After the pop star broke records for selling the most concert tickets in a single day ever, many fans are curious to know how much money the tour will make in total.

For her two opening nights, Swift will play in the same stadium that housed the Super Bowl just over a month before. The two back-to-back dates are sold out and expected to bring in over 150,000 people, which is significantly more than the 68,000 who attended the 2023 Super Bowl.

Record breaking profits

While the total gross profit from the ‘Eras Tour’ cannot be calculated until the tour concludes, the estimates done by both Billboard and Forbes predict the megastar will make more than any female popstar before her.

Last month’s Super Bowl had an economic impact of over $600 million in total. Forbes predicts that Swift will make at least $570 million. These numbers include the portion of sales that is given to Ticketmaster, the platform Swift used to sell the tickets.

This prediction was made by David Herlihy, a Northeaster University Teaching Professor, and Music Industry Program Coordinator, who calculated that Swift would make around $620 million before the Ticketmaster fees.

If either of these predictions ends up true, the pop singer will break the record for the highest-grossing female tour of all time. This record is currently held by Madonna the $407 million she made for the ‘Sticky & Sweet’ tour in 2008-2009, which had 85 dates total.

How much do ‘Eras Tour’ tickets cost?

However, according to Billboard, the ‘Blank Space’ singer may generate $591 million in sales. The outlet arrived at the number by using the average ticket cost, which is $215, but according to The New York Post, ticket prices start at $289 and can go for over $1500.

Typically, the cheapest tickets cost around $300, with floor seats starting at around $700 and going into the thousands, which includes tax. However, these prices may be slightly higher than the original sale prices, as most tour dates are now sold out and only available through third-party resellers.

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