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How can I get free groceries from Costco?



Costco is known for offering tempting shopping deals, which is why it has attracted much more than a hundred million card-carrying members. The free samples given out to shoppers within the store also contribute to the retailer’s appeal, and you could possibly make a full meal out of taking many of the food samples that are handed out.

However, there is actually a way for those with memberships to receive free groceries from the warehouse club.

How can I get free groceries from Costco?

One of the best deals that the company offers is their Costco Trade-up Program. All you have to do is exchange your old gadgets to receive your choice of a Costco Shop Card or a Digital Costco Shop Card loaded with the trade-in value of your electronic device.

The program accepts a range of gadgets including iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, Macs, gaming consoles, and other non-Apple smartphones and tablets.

There are certain conditions the electronics must meet to qualify. They must not be damaged and should be functional. Some gadgets may have particular requirements, like a minimum storage capacity.

How can I join the Costco Trade-up Program?

Costco runs the program in partnership with Phobio. All you have to do to join is to go to the program’s website, and you can go through the process directly.

First, you put in the details of the gadget you wish to exchange. The website will then tell you the amount they think it is worth based on its condition and current value on the market. If you agree to their quote, you can print a free shipping label so you can send over your electronic device. After they inspect it, you will be given a Costco card, in digital or physical form, for the price that you agreed upon.

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