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Horoscope Today: March 18, 2023



See what the stars have in store for your sign

We get it, Aries. You’ve been trapped indoors for a while and now the vibes are feeling ‘off’. Spoiler alert: no amount of sage or incense is going to make the funky-funk go away. What you want to do instead is go outdoors ASAP, feel the wind in your hair, pick some berries, dance barefoot, sing with the birds and reconnect with the energy of Mama Gaia. Practising grounding rituals is highly recommended at this moment. Aquarius, you’re redefining beauty standards, slaying at the gym and perfecting your smoothie bowl game. Just remember to be consistent with the commitments you have made to yourself. At the same time, remember to introduce an element of joy and playfulness into the dynamic so you feel inspired to show up for yourself, every single day. Gemini, if you’ve been thinking about getting a little drunk and disorderly, this is the weekend to let your hair down in style. This is the weekend to ‘be’ the scene, to take a hundred selfies with your best friends and strangers alike, to flirt your way through the room and to dance like nobody’s watching. This is the weekend to drop your inhibitions to zero and to allow yourself to redefine what having fun looks and feels like.

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