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Horoscope Today: March 15, 2023



See what the stars have in store for your sign

You’re all peopled out, Capricorn. You need a moment to yourself to be, to breathe, and to recharge your inner reserves. Give yourself the permission to spend some time in the burrow, reconnecting with nature or with the people who feel like home. A love like this doesn’t come around everyday, Cancer. We repeat: a love like this doesn’t come around everyday. At any point of time, you have two options: to operate from the old paradigm or to make a quantum shift. Spirit is supporting you to bring more joy, more lightness and more brightness into the narrative. This life of ours moves in spirals, Libra. We tend to find ourselves at the same point over and over, except our perspective each time is different. So, acknowledge all the ways in which you have grown and all the breakdowns that you have turned into breakthroughs as you remember you are more powerful that you give yourself credit for. 

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