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Glorifying a Michael Jordan Embarrassment Should Have Cost Knicks Icon $10,000 Instead of Much Cheaper 4-Figures, Claims Jalen Brunson



How much would you pay for a poster depicting Michael Jordan‘s defeat? Surprisingly, there exists a poster featuring a Knicks veteran dunking on the Chicago Bulls icon. The legend is none other than John Starks. Starks even got himself a poster of this iconic moment at a much cheaper price than one might expect. Current Knicks stars, Jalen Brunson and Josh Hart, expressed their opinion that the seller should have charged Starks more for the poster.

$1500 is a steal,” Brunson said. He further added that if he was the seller, he would have asked 10k for it. “If he’s coming to you asking how much you want for it I would have threw something crazy. I would have said, ‘I need 10K.’ He would’ve been like, ‘I’m not doing that.’ Then I would have started knocking it down a little bit,” Brunson said on the Roommates podcast.

Yeah, he (the seller) messed up. Cuz the thing is you always start high… somebody got to teach him about negotiation,” Josh Hart added. Brunson and all the members present on the Podcast agreed that the poster titled, ‘The Dunk’ which features Jordan’s embarrassing moment should demand at least $10,000. But the price that Stark paid is quite surprising. He revealed that he bought the painting from a fan after a game for $1500. Furthermore, he even thinks that he should have negotiated.


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It was a huge painting that shows the moment from Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Chicago Bulls and the New York Knicks in 1993. Another Bulls member on the poster is Horace Grant. The 6’3 tall Starks can be seen dunking over both men with his left hand and soon this became one of the most iconic posters in sports history. But there’s an intriguing rumor about this poster and the numerous cards that were highly popular in the 90s.

John Starks’ nightmare battle against Michael Jordan

The rumor is whether Jordan was truly dunked on by Starks or it’s just the camera angle. While many continue to debate on it, the poster suggests otherwise. Regardless, Starks was involved in a few fierce battles against the Chicago Bulls icon. And he has always mentioned that it was not easy to play against one of the most formidable talents. 


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After getting undrafted in 1988, the player got a chance to play for the New York Knicks in the 90’s. Starks explained that Jordan had a strong will and determination to win and it was hard to break that will. 


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“He was a nightmare. He had a will like no other player that I ever played against. Certain guys I can get to mentally, but him I could never get to mentally, and believe me, I tried my best. He was that special player that you couldn’t break his will. If anything, you just taking him to another level,”  Starks explained about his matchups against Jordan during an interview with People Talking Sports and Other Stuff in 2017.

Stark played for about 8 years in the league. He was also selected as an All-Star in 1994 and named to the All-Defensive Second Team 1992-93. Do you still remember that poster? 

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