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Giants WR Jalin Hyatt On Why He Chose PB&J His Off-season Go-to Snack for Weight Gain



Giants WR Jalin Hyatt On Why He Chose PB&J His Off-season Go-to Snack for Weight Gain

New York Giants wide receiver Jalin Hyatt’s rookie season didn’t quite go as he hoped, given his limited targets and such. So, as he began to assemble his to-do list for the off-season, one of the things he prioritized was to add some additional bulk to his 6-foot frame so he could better hold up to the rigors of a 17-game season.

To accomplish that, Hyatt turned to an age-old favorite of both children and adults alike (including Giants general manager Joe Schoen, who revealed his love of the “delicacy” in the premiere episode of Hard Knocks: Offseason With the New York Giants.

That delicacy is none other than peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

“PB&J’s was one of my biggest things because you want to eat your full meal,” Hyatt said on the Giants Huddle podcast

“You don’t want to eat a little bit and drink a protein shake. Then you’re not really getting anything. So, for myself, finishing, completing your full meals, and then, an hour later or 30 minutes later, that’s when you put in an Uncrustables or a PB&J or a little protein shake.” 

Hyatt admitted that he struggled to gain weight in the past because of his tendency to burn calories at a faster rate than some of his contemporaries. But he was determined to bulk up, which he managed to do successfully so that he won’t be bullied out there by bigger, more physical cornerbacks.

Hyatt, a third-round pick in last season’s draft out of Tennessee, flashed potential many times last season, including a 58-yard reception that set up a touchdown for Daniel Jones and the Giants offense in Week 2. The Giants beat the Arizona Cardinals by three points after Hyatt’s catch. 

A few weeks later, he registered two catches for 75 yards in a seven-point win over the Washington Commanders. In Week 12, he registered the first 100-yard game of his career in a win over the New England Patriots. 

After the Giants added one of the best receivers in this year’s draft, Hyatt has high expectations this season.

“I always set high expectations,” Hyatt told reporters during the team’s mandatory minicamp last month. “Just looking at our team, looking at what we got — for goals, I just want a team goal. We have a playoff team. That’s what we want to do. That’s our focus, and we’re going to get there.”

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