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Giants unveil ‘Century Red’ throwback uniforms to commemorate 100th season in 2024



Those who saw these uniforms and instantly scoured the internet for points of reference likely discovered just how often New York’s now-classic uniforms changed in their early years. It’s a great reason for mashing up a few different elements instead of attempting to copy one set perfectly, especially given the many changes seen in uniforms and equipment in the last century.

The Giants effectively fulfilled a very clear goal with this uniform, which produced a unique set made for a centennial. Their tan pants, which they wore in their very first year of existence, fall in line with other throwbacks worn from a similar era (looking at you, Packers). The winged helmet might remind folks of the University of Michigan or Princeton, but it is historically accurate for at least a 10-year period of the Giants’ history (1937-1947).

The jersey, of course, will be the most polarizing piece of the uniform, but the Giants wisely chose it as the most aesthetically pleasing — and aggressive — option from the team’s first 15-20 years of existence. The red top separates itself from other throwbacks, delivering a massive chunk of blue wrapped around the midsection of the entire jersey that is only separated from the red by white trim. The equally thin, white numbers within the blue block are certainly different from anything else that exists in the NFL right now.

That’s the beauty of a throwback look, though: Blame history. The Giants will celebrate theirs with this uniform up to two times this season.

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