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Giants introduce “Century Red” throwback uniforms and they’re … something



The New York Giants are celebrating the franchise’s 100th anniversary this season and, as most teams do, they’re introducing a special throwback. And boy, they’re … something.

Dubbed “Century Red,” the team says this throwback is inspired by their history, but built for today. The helmet is blue with red accents (almost somewhat reminiscent of Michigan’s helmet), while the jersey is majority red with that traditional Giants blue in the center with white numbers and white trim. There will also be a 100th Anniversary patch on the upper left side. The look is completed with tan pants, creating a … unique … aesthetic we haven’t quite seen before. The team notes that those elements come from three different uniforms from its past.

The Giants have a pretty basic look most of the time, so a change-up is certainly welcome. However, I would argue that their Super Bowl-era 1980s throwbacks are FAR superior and do plenty to honor the franchise’s past, especially its past glory. Look good, play good.

The Giants will apparently wear these new throwbacks up to two times this season, but it will be interesting to see whether or not fans will embrace these and wear them in the stands in droves or if they go right to the clearance rack at your local sporting goods store/website. But at the very least, they’ve got people talking on the internet, as reaction was swift.

We’ll see if the Giants have the last laugh on the field because it doesn’t matter what people think of the look it matters what people think of the play. The Giants kick off their season at home against the Minnesota Vikings on September 8.

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