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Fresh Off American Legend’s Attack, Draymond Green Finds Knicks Locker Room Crazy: “Driving Players Into The Ground”



Since Draymond Green put the New York Knicks’ Cinderella story to bed during his podcast by deeming their playoff run as a mere “fluke” he has been facing the wrath of the Knicks faithful on every platform. And tonight, while Draymond worked the analyst role on Inside The NBA, comedian Tracy Morgan told the Warriors star, “Don’t talk cr*p about my Knicks.” But the American legend’s warning did not do much to stop Draymond as he continued to criticize Tom Thibodeau’s ways of handling the Knicks during these playoffs.

Discussing the overuse of their starters by Coach Thibs, Draymond called his strategy absolutely crazy, “Running these guys into the ground, it ain’t gonna be the answer either.” While it looks good on paper that Josh Hart played the entire game and the Knicks won, when things do not go in their favor, it can take a toll on everyone on the team.

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