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Fraudulent USAJOBS App Reveals Demand for Improved Federal Job Search Process



An illegitimate USAJOBS mobile application was expunged from the Google Play Store following over 50,000 downloads, unveiling a demand for such a platform despite the U.S. Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM) absence of an official app since May 2015. The OPM, however, contends that its mobile-optimized website suffices and has no intention of launching a new application.

USAJOBS Website Criticisms

Job seekers have expressed grievances over the USAJOBS website, citing its complexity and abundance of jargon, which makes the federal employment application process intimidating. The confusion is further amplified by different federal agencies listing identical jobs with diverse requirements—a problem stemming from the non-standardization of job listings.

Guidance and Improvements

The Partnership for Public Service offers guidance on the effective utilization of USAJOBS, encompassing understanding job announcements, qualifications, and search refinement. USAJOBS has also rolled out a new ‘pooled hiring’ tool designed to streamline the application process. This tool enables candidates to apply once and be considered for multiple agency vacancies. This initiative falls in line with the President’s Management Agenda Workforce Priority Strategy, aimed at attracting quality candidates and improving the hiring process.

USA Staffing Review

The U.S. Government Accountability Office conducted a review of the Office of Personnel Management’s USA Staffing program. The review scrutinized agencies’ experiences with selecting and implementing USA Staffing, OPM’s cybersecurity risk assessment processes, and OPM’s processes and procedures for managing USA Staffing. The report features recommendations for enhancing training feedback collection and guidance for managing interagency agreement data.

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