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Fitness fanatic, 22, falls off treadmill before plummeting to her death out of third-story window



Fitness fanatic, 22, falls off treadmill before plummeting to her death out of third-story window

Horrifying footage captured the moment a young fitness fanatic working out at a gym in Indonesia fell to her death after she stumbled backward off a treadmill and tumbled out of a third-story window.

Video taken from a security camera shows the 22-year-old woman on a treadmill at a gym in Pontianak, West Kalimantan, Tuesday moments before she tragically fell to her death.

Footage shows the woman working out near the end of a long line of treadmills inside the packed gym before she stops and allows the machine’s belt to move her backward.

Video captured the horrifying moment a young woman fell to her death through an open window after stumbling off a treadmill in Indonesia. Newsflash

After she’s dropped off the machine, the woman suddenly stumbles backward, straight toward an open window directly behind the gym equipment she was just using.

The woman can be seen in the clip attempting to grasp onto the window frame before plummeting down three stories.

After the fall, the fitness fanatic was rushed to the hospital with serious head injuries, but doctors were unable to save her life.

An autopsy report showed that she had suffered extensive bruising and lacerations to her head.

The deceased woman has not been named, but local reports say she was just 22-years-old, according to Newsflash.

The victim was 22-years-old. Newsflash

She also had gone to the gym with her younger sibling and boyfriend, who had asked her to work out with him on the second floor but she told him she wanted to use the treadmill on the top level, according to local reports.

She had only been working out for 30 minutes when she fell, local media reported.

The Pontianak City Police’s Criminal Investigation Unit is currently investigating.

The woman had only been using the treadmill for about 30 minutes when she fell to her death. Newsflash

Police noted that the position of the treadmill, only about two feet from the window, created a “dangerous” situation.

The gym issued an apology to the woman’s family and closed its business for three days following the fatal fall.

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