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Famous Musicians Who Root for the Knicks



The New York Knicks have once again made their way back into the NBA Playoffs, and the iconic team has a long history of celebrity fans cheering them on.

As a whole, the Knicks have been in the playoffs 41 times over their 76 seasons, but they haven’t won the NBA championship since 1973. Regardless, music stars from Diddy, 50 Cent and LL Cool J to Brandy, Fat Joe and Alicia Keys have cheered on the Empire State’s basketball team courtside over the years, no matter the record.

Perhaps one of the most famous Knicks fans is filmmaker Spike Lee, who throughout the years became known for having a sideline rivalry with basketball player Reggie Miller whenever the team would play against the Indiana Pacers throughout the 1990s. “I would come to his funeral dressed in all orange and blue sky as he would like,” Miller once said on The Dan Patrick Show, calling Lee the “face” of the Knicks. “I would be in Knicks’ colors at his wake. Just like he’d better be in blue and gold at mine.” To this day, the lifelong superfan can be seen courtside at games dressed in head-to-toe Knicks attire.

Most recently, Selena Gomez sat courtside with boyfriend Benny Blanco on April 22  during the NBA Playoffs game. They stayed close and kissed throughout the game against the  Philadelphia 76ers, and they also took the time to mingle with Sting, who sat beside them.

To celebrate the Knicks in the playoffs, we’ve compiled a gallery of famous musicians who are also fans of the NY basketball team. See the photos below.

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