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Expert Predicts New York Jets Make Head-Turning Decision During Draft



There is a lot riding on the New York Jets‘ 10th overall pick on Thursday.

It’s the only time they select before the third round, giving their front office, who is in a “make or break” year, limited opportunity to get additional cost-controlled talent onto this roster prior to the upcoming season.

Right now, it seems like there are two options the Jets are contemplating.

They can either add one of the talented offensive tackles in this draft class, or provide Aaron Rodgers another weapon to give this offense the best possible chance at being elite.

What they ultimately decide to do will be seen Thursday night in Detroit, but one draft expert predicts that whatever happens, the fanbase will still be upset.

“If New York takes tight end Brock Bowers from Georgia, some will scream for an offensive tackle (which, by the way, should be the pick). Of course, there’s the inverse as well. Regardless, Jets fans will be angry, because being angry is both the default and correct emotion for a New York fan over the last 55 years,” Matt Verderame wrote for Sports Illustrated.

He probably is right, too.

There are plenty of fans in New York who think this team needs another offensive weapon and would be angry if they didn’t select two-time John Mackey Award winner, and one of the top tight end prospects of all time, Brock Bowers.

But, there are also plenty of fans who subscribe to the idea that the Jets need to protect their franchise quarterback as best as possible, especially considering he’s coming off a torn Achilles tendon.

So, the front office, who is facing a ton of pressure to get this right, will already be taking criticsm from one side of the fanbase no matter who they take at 10.

Not an enviable position to be in.

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