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Earthquake shakes New York, New Jersey, Philly: Live updates



In New York City’s Astoria neighborhood, Cassondra Kurtz was giving her 14-year-old Chihuahua, Chiki, a cocoa-butter rubdown for her dry skin. Kurtz was recording the moment on video, as an everyday memory of the dog’s older years, when her apartment started shaking hard enough that a 9-foot (2.7-meter-tall) mirror banged audibly against a wall.

Kurtz assumed at first it was a big truck going by.

“I’m from Jersey, so I’m not used to earthquakes,” she explained later.

The video captured her looking around, perplexed. Chiki, however, “was completely unbothered.”

At a coffee shop in lower Manhattan, customers buzzed over the unexpected earthquake, which rattled dishware and shook the concrete counter. “I noticed the door trembling on its frame,” said India Hays, a barista. “I thought surely there couldn’t be an earthquake here.”

Solomon Byron was sitting on a park bench in Manhattan’s East Village when he felt an unfamiliar rumble. “I felt this vibration, and I was just like, where is that vibration coming from,” Byron said. “There’s no trains nowhere close by here or anything like that.” Byron said he didn’t realize there had been an earthquake until he got the alert on his cellphone.

“Pretty weird and scary,” Shawn Clark said after feeling the quake in his 26th-floor midtown Manhattan office. He initially feared an explosion or construction accident and went into a hallway to see whether coworkers had felt the vibrations, too.

Everyone was “a little freaked out,” Clark, an attorney, said as he got a coffee – and his bearings – a bit later.

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