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Draymond Green Calls Pacers’ Best Defender “Too Small” for Jalen Brunson; Urges Immediate Change to Get Back in the Series



It’s hard not to be completely in love with Jalen Brunson right now. He has led the New York Knicks to an outstanding run in the playoffs so far. Playing as a cohesive unit, Brunson is the anchor for the Big Apple. During their Game 1 battle against the Indiana Pacers, his post brilliance and clutch shot-making were on wide display.

In the game that swayed towards both sides, Brunson came to take over late. He left his paws all over the Indiana defense which desperately tried to contain his blaze. It came to no avail. Bursting for 40 for the fourth straight time, Brunson scored 21 in the fourth quarter to successfully defend Madison Square Garden.

27 year old guard has caused problems for Indiana unlike what the Milwaukee Bucks were able to do. The Knicks have matched the rapid wavelength the Pacers like to pick during such high-intensity games. Nonetheless, the least the Pacers need is to prepare better for Jalen Brunson.


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Golden State Warriors‘ Draymond Green reviewed the first game between these two powerhouses, and he had a suggestion for the Pacers. Weirdly, it involves moving their best defender off Brunson.

Draymond Green gives the Pacers the map to stop Jalen Brunson

During the latest episode of The Draymond Green Show, Green like many other basketball lovers became a fan of Brunson. He gave Josh Hart and DiVincenzo their flowers for making big plays down the stretch for New York. However, he addressed how it was Brunson’s monster fourth that sealed the game for New York.

While complimenting Brunson’s ball-sharing nature, Draymond Green also revealed the mistake the Pacers made in guarding him. “We spoke about the Indiana Pacers having Andrew Nembhard guard him. He’s just too small,” Green claimed. Despite admitting him to be their best perimeter defender, Green feels Nembhard doesn’t have the physical strength to tackle Brunson’s post moves. The four-time champion felt the Knicks might have purposely chosen that exact matchup.

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“Nembhard is their best defender or best perimeter defender for sure and we spoke about that. I just don’t think that’s a good matchup some them and one may say like he did a good job and Jalen just got off in the fourth quarter but I’m going to tell you it looks like Jalen almost took that approach because he knows he can get all he wants,” the former DPOY said.


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The Pacers aren’t revered for their defensive prowess. However, their roster does have tenacious defenders. Aaron Nesmith could very well shift onto Jalen Brunson for further games. He has the size and power to withstand the heavy bumps Brunson gives in the fourth. They can also have Haliburton take a turn when the Knicks run a play from the perimeter.

It’s quintessential for the Indiana Pacers to discover an answer to curb the bomb that is Jalen Brunson. An impending explosion can’t be killed with a speedy offense. In such moments, it’s the defense that dictates the outcomes of games.

Brunson stats vs Pacers


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Brunson has regularly found success against the Indiana Pacers this season. In three games he played against them, the former Mavericks averaged 35.7 points and 3.7 assists per game. Not far from his rampant run in Game 1 of their Eastern Conference second-round series. In his career, he has encountered the Pacers 12 times.

In those 12 games, he has averaged 22.7 points, 3.8 assists and 3.3 rebounds. Brunson has come out on top seven of those five games. This is the first time he has met them in the postseason. Do you think the Pacers will have a strategy to contain Brunson tomorrow? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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