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Donald Trump owns a multi-million-dollar fleet of VIP aircraft, including his prized Boeing 757 airliner. Take a look at his private collection.



  • Donald Trump’s prized Boeing 757 private jet is a common backdrop at campaign rallies.
  • The aircraft is just one in a collection of personal planes Trump has owned since the 1980s.
  • The billionaire spent millions to outfit his fleet with gold-plated interiors and his family crest.

Billionaire business tycoon and ex-US president Donald Trump has a history of flaunting his wealth.

Among his most famous displays is the Boeing 757 private jet that became a centerpiece of his 2016 presidential rallies and has followed him on the campaign trail for his 2024 nomination.

Dubbed “Trump Force One,” the aircraft cost him a reported $100 million in 2011 and is outfitted with luxuries like an ensuite bedroom, several living areas, and the Trump family crest.

Trump’s collection of private aircraft dates back decades, though it has shrunk over the years.

The billionaire has also owned Sikorsky S-76B helicopters, a nine-seater Cessna Citation X, and a Boeing 727 tri-engine airliner — the latter considered the original Trump Force One.

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