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Denzel Washington joining ‘Gladiator’ sequel



Denzel Washington is currently in negotiations to star in the eagerly awaited sequel to ‘Gladiator’. With Ridley Scott returning to the director’s chair, these two A-listers will be reunited for another major film, following in the footsteps of the first Oscar Best Picture winner.

Back in the walls of the colosseum, Ridley Scott has stepped up to direct the sequel to Russell Crowe’s original blockbuster ‘Gladiator’, leaving big sandals to fill. Paul Mescal from the limited series ‘Normal People’ is on board to co-star in the picture.

A role written for Washington

Washington was given the pitch shortly after Mescal’s acceptance, and though he tends to be selective with his roles, he seemed to be ‘all but on board’ according to reports.

Mescal and Washington will take the lead according to sources, however, the film’s villain, Emperor Geta, will be played by Barry Keoghan. Against the studio’s skepticism, it seems that Denzel Washington will in fact accept the role that Scott wrote with him in mind.

No further details

Further details of the negotiations are being kept away from the public, and it’s no surprise when the 2000′s hit earned over $460 million at the worldwide box office, and 12 Academy Awards nominations, winning 5 in the end. After reading the script, Washington is reported to be excited about the ‘badass’ role he might fulfill.

Washington has always been tied to the Scott family, starring in several different films with late film director Tony Scott, brother of Ridley. Thrillers like ‘Crimson Tide’ and 2004′s ‘Man on Fire’ were some of the duo’s iconic pictures before his death in 2012.

After teaming up with Ridley Scott on 2007′s American Gangster, Washington and Scott have been searching for that next big hit.

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