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Dems and the media lied to America about Biden’s fitness — who can ever trust them again?



Dems and the media lied to America about Biden’s fitness — who can ever trust them again?

President Biden’s world-shatteringly bad debate performance Thursday has Democrats and their media allies abuzz with the idea of replacing him.

But as the whispers fly, remember that the people behind any such putsch would be the same as those who’ve been lying to everyone by insisting that Joe’s just fine the whole time.

Incredibly, after Thursday night, they’re still lying.

Look at Veep Kamala Harris, a likely swap-in for Joe.

Her take on the debate was typical of the brazen Everything’s hunky-dory attitude that Dems Inc. has displayed ever since Biden really began showing his age. 

“It was a slow start, but it was a strong finish,” Harris babbled.

“Joe Biden is extraordinarily strong.”

Every clause a lie. 

The start wasn’t slow, it was a car crash.

The finish wasn’t strong, it was a train wreck.

Biden was vacant, senile and visibly, utterly lost the whole time. 

As millions upon millions of Americans saw with their own eyes. 

Just as they’ve seen him slowly lose, over the past few years, his once-fluent speaking ability.

His focus. His basic grasp of where he is and whom he’s with. 

Seen him sink ever deeper into the tall tales he’s told for so long, they’re now realer than real for him. 

Video after video.

Again and again and again.

All while Democratic pols, pundits and TV hosts shrilly insist there’s nothing to see here. 

If the evidence was a mountain before, now it’s the whole of the Himalayas. 

And no, Karine Jean-Pierre: This is no “cheap fake.”

Those side-by-side camera close-ups of both candidates the whole time — which showed Biden dazed and slack-jawed whenever he wasn’t babbling — were exactly the format the White House asked for.

Nobody edited out anything, but Joe Live & Uncut is even worse.

(We’re waiting for a KJP apology, but we won’t be holding our breath.)

Yes, it’s easy to find gallows humor in the situation. 

A demented old man propped up by political schemers and media lapdogs, deceiving themselves that they could snooker the American people long enough to win. 

But there’s too much at stake for it to be funny for long. 

The party-media combine’s attempt to cover up Biden’s unfitness is downright criminal, as politics or journalism: a conspiracy to blow smoke around a contest for the most powerful political position in the world at a crucial moment of global chaos. 

Chaos that this president’s disastrous leadership invited.

And now — now that all the truth is out — the apparatchiks have the temerity to ask voters to trust them while they backroom-deal their way to another empty suit to run against Trump?


Hell no. 

Biden’s debate collapse was a wakeup call not only on his fitness, but on that of Democratic Party elites and all their eager propagandists in the press: They’ve irrevocably forfeited the people’s trust. 

On the election — and on everything else. 

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