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Chris Christie says Donald Trump ‘acts like someone who wants to be a dictator’ ahead of 2024




Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie in a new interview said former President Donald Trump “acts like someone who wants to be a dictator. “

Asked whether he believe Republicans will limit their criticism of Trump if the former president prevails in the upcoming GOP primaries, Christie told CBS’ Margaret Brennan “anybody who knows me knows I will not be silent.”

The White House hopeful during the interview pointed to former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, who said earlier this year that “drama and chaos” seem to follow the former president.

“The reason is that he acts like someone who doesn’t care about our democracy. He acts like someone who wants to be a dictator. He acts like someone who doesn’t care for the Constitution,” Christie, once one of Trump’s closest allies, said Sunday.

The former president faced widespread criticism last year after he called for the “termination” of parts of the U.S. Constitution over the 2020 election, which he continues to falsely claim was stolen. He also drew comparisons earlier this month to Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini after he described his political opponents as “vermin.”

But Trump wasn’t the only Republican rival Christie took aim at during the Sunday interview. He also hit out at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, two other Republican presidential candidates.

He referenced a moment from a GOP primary debate in August when the eight candidates on stage were asked to raise their hands to confirm they would support Trump as the potential Republican nominee in 2024, even if he was convicted on the slate of criminal charges he faces.

“They all raised their hands. I did not, and I think I’ve made it very, very clear how I feel about this, and if folks want to return to some decency and civility why would you ever vote for Donald Trump?” Christie asked on Sunday.

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