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‘By 2024 End Indian Roads Will Be Equal to USA’ Union Minister Nitin Gadkari At Global Business Summit 2024



Union Minister Nitin Gadkari At Global Business Summit 2024

Speaking about infrastructure development at the Global Business Summit 2024, Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari talked about the development of the Indian road network. He also emphasized the fact that the nation needs good infrastructure to get capital investment. He stressed the fact that without proper infrastructure we can not develop tourism, industry, and agriculture. At the same time, he said that by the end of 2024, our network will be equivalent to the road network in the USA. He also affirmed that we have already surpassed China.

The Union Minister also said that the government is working on the development of 36 highways. With the development of this network, the distance between Delhi and Chennai will be reduced by 320 km. This network will cover multiple cities including Surat, Nashik, Ahmednagar, Kurnool, Kochi, and Hyderabad.

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