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Are Luxury Fitness and Sports Recovery Destinations Replacing Spas?



Are Luxury Fitness and Sports Recovery Destinations Replacing Spas?

Is the traditional spa dead? A crop of new, luxury sports destinations — think pain recovery and lavish sports facilities — might argue, yes. 

As the wellness boom causes an uptick in services, high-end fitness and sports recovery programs are the hot experiences to try right now.

“There has been a significant rise in luxury fitness and recovery concepts,” says Dr. Jonathan Leary, founder of social self care destination Remedy Place.

Equinox may have been one of the first to make fitness luxe, but newer concepts like Padel Haus are staking their claim in the market. Sports hospitality, too — such as new fitness-centric hotel concept Siro — is a growing trend, according to the Global Wellness Institute.

Now, with a slew of new devices, treatments and luxe locations, customers are regularly communing at sports destinations like they would a spa.

“We are seeing a growing demand for advanced, science-backed experiences that provide both immediate and long-term benefits,” Leary says. “Treatments like cryotherapy, infrared saunas, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and lymphatic compression are becoming increasingly popular due to their effectiveness in enhancing recovery, reducing inflammation and improving overall performance.”

Therabody, known for its massage guns, operates a chain of recovery-centric outposts called Reset by Therabody that offer a slew of recovery treatments like lymphatic drainage and infrared saunas, and sees a wide variety of clients, according to Therabody executive chairman and chief strategy officer Benjamin Nazarian. Clients are coming in both for sports recovery and overall longevity.

With this segment on the rise, here’s a look at five concepts combining sports with a luxury, spa-like feel.

1. Optimize by Equinox

Optimize by Equinox


Equinox has been luxury since the beginning and now the company offers a $40,000 per year longevity program called Optimize by Equinox, which includes biomarker testing through Dr. Mark Hyman’s company Function Health and one-on-one training. According to the company, the new offer “decodes and unlocks the peak of your potential.”

“[Equinox is] a luxury experiential brand and so what goes within our four walls and locker rooms is something that is of higher standards and a very rigorous development process,” Julia Klim, Equinox’s vice president of strategic partnerships and business development, tells WWD. 

2. Siro One Za’abeel

Siro Hotel

Siro Hotel

Natelee Cocks

Luxury wellness hotel Siro’s Za’abeel, Dubai-based location by Kerzner International is built around five key pillars of biohacking: sleep, nutrition, mindfulness, recovery and of course, fitness.

The hotel has its Fitness Lab with up to 50 specialized workout classes weekly, personal training and an array of gym equipment. In the Recovery Lab, guests can opt into performance-enhancing treatments, including electric muscle stimulation, compression therapy, cryotherapy, IV drips and more.

With the successful opening in Dubai, a new Siro location will open in Montenegro later this year, with hotels in Los Cabos, Mexico, and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to follow in 2027 and 2028, respectively.

3. Remedy Place

Remedy Place Ice Bath Studio

Remedy Place Ice Bath Studio.


While Remedy Place has made a name for itself as a social wellness destination, where guests are prompted to enjoy treatments and services together, many of the treatments are centered around sports recovery specifically — think hot and cold therapy and lymphatic drainage. 

“We’ve seen firsthand how social interactions can amplify the benefits of traditional self care routines, especially when comparing them to isolated spa experiences,” Leary says. “When people come together with a shared purpose, whether it’s in a sauna suite or our breathwork ice bath class, they not only realize how much better they feel but they also witness the power of connecting with who they’re doing it with.”

Remedy Place currently has outposts in the Flatiron neighborhood of New York City and West Hollywood, with more on the way.

4. Reset by Therabody

Reset by Therabody Manhattan West

Reset by Therabody Manhattan West.

Pablo Barajas, LOT21

Reset by Therabody has locations in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia and Manhattan Beach, Calif., where guests can experience Therabody devices, as well as sports recovery treatments like infrared sauna sessions, cryotherapy, manual stretching and more. According to the team, contrast therapy, which can be helpful in boosting circulation and easing pain, is particularly sought after.

5. Padel Haus

Padel Haus

Padel Haus


Padel Haus combines sports, social time and luxury under one roof. Following the padel boom post-COVID-19, the concept has opened several locations across New York City and now is expanding to Nashville with its biggest club yet.

The new location, set to open in August, will include eight indoor courts, a juice bar, rain showers, a rock-climbing wall and social and coworking spaces. Plus, more ultra-luxe padel locations are on the way. According to Padel Haus founder and chief executive officer Santiago Gomez, the company plans to grow its East Coast presence and expand nationwide, as padel continues to gain traction as a social sport.

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