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AI.Fashion raises seed funding of US $ 3.6 million | Retail News USA



Los Angeles-based AI.Fashion, the Y Combinator-backed leader in AI technology for the fashion industry, has raised US $ 3.6 million in seed funding in a round led by Neo.

With the goal of “empowering the next generation of models,” AI.Fashion was founded in 2023 by professionals from MIT, Microsoft, and Google. Its suite of tools encourages collaboration between models, designers, and businesses while also guaranteeing that actual humans and creatives play a key role in fashion’s AI-driven future.

With the help of Fashion’s in-house AI, its technologies provide real-time interactions, sophisticated design and picture modification, and virtual photoshoots.

“Persona” created by AI.Fashion is designed using cutting-edge AI technology, allowing actual models to be recruited for virtual photoshoots while maintaining human talent and creativity at the forefront of the industry.

According to AI.Fashion, this strategy “not only preserves the irreplaceable authenticity that real models bring but also opens up new realms of opportunity and flexibility for them while ensuring control over their image and likeness.” For brands, however, it presents an opportunity to employ AI while retaining the human touch “that is so vital to fashion.”

AI.Fashion concurs that the AI’s “Persona” addition is appropriate.Models may book more work digitally and have more access to chances in the industry thanks to fashion platforms, where models establish their own fees and get paid each time their photo is utilised.

Daniel Citron, chief executive of AI.Fashion, said in a statement, “As we introduce this innovation, we are committed to a path of collaborative growth. Our advances in AI are intertwined with the invaluable insights of models and industry leaders. Together, we are shaping a future that uplifts every facet of the fashion industry, making it more inclusive and dynamic for all.”

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