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Advancing Capabilities: The Progress of Shipyard Infrastructure Optimization Program Projects



Advancing Capabilities

The Progress of Shipyard Infrastructure Optimization Program Projects

The Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (PNSY) continues to be a cornerstone of the United States Navy’s submarine maintenance and modernization efforts. Since 2018, it has taken significant steps forward with implementing the Shipyard Infrastructure Optimization Program (SIOP), which integrates all infrastructure and industrial plant equipment investments. SIOP projects at PNSY are well underway, and the shipyard is poised to usher in a new era of improved readiness for the Navy.

“At Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, the Chief of Naval Operations provided a clear signal for increased dry dock capacity, optimized industrial facilities, and the service life extension of multiple Los Angeles Class submarines,” said Russ Gagner, PNS SIOP Manager. “This signal allowed expedited project programming and construction to support those demands. Now we will move out on our continuum to create a holistic Area Development Plan to deliver the most effective and efficient fast attack submarine maintenance facility in the Navy.”

SIOP projects involve upgrading dry docks, berths, cranes, and utilities to accommodate the Navy’s next generation of submarines. Substantial strides have already been made toward modernizing dry docks and facilities, thanks to careful planning and execution. The infrastructure upgrades will increase the shipyard’s capacity and enable it to handle newer, more advanced submarines.

However, SIOP isn’t just about physical infrastructure; it also places a strong emphasis on better work spaces, modernized equipment, and relocation of shops and processes to aid in the safety, efficiency, and satisfaction of the workforce. After all, personnel are the shipyard’s most valuable asset. The aim is to equip the workforce with the tools they need to meet the demands of modern submarine maintenance and repair.

Energy efficiency and sustainability are also vital components of SIOP. By incorporating energy-efficient technologies and practices, PNSY aims to reduce its environmental footprint while cutting operational costs. From planned upgrades to utilities and optimized changes in water usage—energy-saving initiatives will contribute to the sustainability of local resources and taxpayer dollars.

SIOP projects, like the new Paint, Blast, and Rubber Facility, integrate cutting-edge technologies and tools while combining work processes previously done in separate locations. These innovations reduce downtime and improve overall efficiency. They also foster a culture of continuous improvement and innovation among shipyard personnel while incorporating best safety practices and environmental stewardship.

“As I look at the current progress of SIOP projects at PNSY, it is evident the program is transforming PNSY into a 21st-century shipyard,” said Mark Edelson, Program Executive Officer Industrial Infrastructure. He added, “With modernized and optimized infrastructure, ongoing sustainability and resiliency efforts, and improvements to utilities–the shipyard is meeting the evolving needs of the U.S. Navy and setting new standards for excellence in ship repair and modernization. Together, with PNSY’s highly skilled workforce, we are strengthening our nation’s warfighting capabilities while ensuring PNSY remains a center of excellence now and well into the future.”

SIOP projects are the responsibility of Commander, Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command, Rear Adm. Dean VanderLey, and the Program Executive Officer Industrial Infrastructure, Mark Edelson, Senior Executive Service. The projects are overseen locally by Officer in Charge of Construction, PNSY, Capt. Chad Brooks and PNSY SIOP manager, Russ Gagner, with cooperation from the Public Works Department, led by Cmdr. Liz Durika, public works officer.

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