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accessiBe and Open Inclusion Research: Tap into the $22 Billion Inclusive Online Gifting Market This Holiday



NEW YORK, Nov. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In a joint study, accessiBe and Open Inclusion have unveiled their research that uncovered the holiday shopping habits and gift buying experiences of people with disabilities in the United States.

Based on a survey of 1008 respondents with a wide range of disabilities, the findings highlight the main challenges faced by this substantial consumer segment when buying gifts. It showcases the large economic and social opportunity for brands to provide inclusive online shopping experiences.

Significant Economic Contribution:
The results highlight that people with disabilities are a sizable consumer cohort. They are planning on spending over $22 billion online this holiday shopping season. However, the study also reveals the potential loss of over $8 billion for businesses due to web accessibility issues, emphasizing the need for inclusive digital practices.

Accessibility Challenges:
Over a third of the respondents had experienced difficulties purchasing gifts due to website and app accessibility issues. Critical problems identified included challenges finding and understanding information about products (39%), difficulties interacting with websites to select items (28%), and issues with checkout and payment processes (25%). These barriers not only frustrate customers’ holiday gift shopping experiences, but also lead to a substantial loss of potential revenue for businesses.

Driving Growth through Accessibility
Dekel Skoop, Co-founder and CEO of accessiBe stated, “This research emphasizes the need for significant changes in the digital world. Even in 2023, when online shopping is the norm, people are still experiencing accessibility barriers. Businesses have both the opportunity and obligation to build spaces that are accessible and empowering for everyone.”

Christine Hemphill, Managing Director at Open Inclusion, added: “This research is a great reminder that we all love to buy and give gifts in the holiday season, including a substantial and undermet market of people with disabilities. There are significant opportunities for astute businesses to grow revenues and brand loyalty by ensuring that their digital experiences are not just basically compliant, but genuinely usable and preferably delightful for those with disabilities.”

Everyone Deserves to be Santa
This study is a key component of a broader campaign, which focuses on educating business owners about the critical importance of web accessibility. The campaign is dedicated to fostering an online environment where everyone, regardless of ability, can participate in the joy of gifting. By highlighting the substantial economic potential and advocating for a barrier-free online shopping experience, accessiBe aims to drive home the message that inclusivity is not just a moral imperative and legal requirement, but also a smart business decision.

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About Open Inclusion: 
Open Inclusion is a global leader in disability and age-inclusive research, design and innovation. Open helps organizations better understand the needs, preferences and experiences of customers with disabilities, age-related and other access needs. Our work evidences and informs better decisions that enable the creation of solutions that are more consistently accessible, usable and delightful, generating value for brands, customers and communities. To learn more:

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