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50 Cent Blames Ja Rule For New York Knicks 2024 NBA Playoffs Loss To Indiana Pacers 



50 Cent isn’t letting up on his Ja Rule slander after the Indiana Pacers eliminated the New York Knicks in game seven of the 2024 NBA playoffs on Sunday (May 19). 

After the game, the G-Unit mogul took to social media to troll his longtime nemesis. According to 50 Cent, the Knicks lost because Ja Rule got his mitts on the NBA championship trophy. He posted a photo of Ja kissing the Larry O’Brien trophy while blaming him for the defeat. 

“If you’re wondering why the Knicks couldn’t get the W, here you have it,” he wrote. Fiddy also had a few words for the officials who allowed access, adding “SMH who let this fool touch the trophy.” 

This isn’t the first time 50 Cent trolled Ja Rule over the NBA playoffs. The pair have been feuding for more than two decades over various squabbles. Earlier this month, Fiddy claimed Ja cursed the Knicks and turned on his hometown team.  

“Oh s### [eyes emoji] don’t bet on the Knicks to win this next game. This janky ass [ninja emoji] put his juju all on the team. F### that I’m bet my money on the [Minnesota Timberwolves]!” 50 Cent tweeted about Ja on May 9. 

Ja Rule fired back a week later, pointing out that the Timberwolves were on a three-game losing streak to the Denver Nuggets. 

“The Wolves haven’t won since this tweet!!! 50 you f###### MUSH. Ant-Man [Anthony Edwards] stay away from this goofy, he a fed anyway,” Ja Rule replied.  

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