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3 dead after vehicle-train collision in North Tonawanda



Three people in a vehicle were killed after a collision with an Amtrak train Friday night in North Tonawanda.

It was an ordinary Friday night that turned into a devastating tragedy.

“Everybody’s hurting,” North Tonawanda Police Chief Keith Glass said. “My guys are not doing great. I’m sure the chief’s guys are not doing great. I’m not doing great.”

Officials say three people were killed when a Dodge pickup truck was struck by an Amtrak train at Felton Street and River Road in North Tonawanda.  

Amtrak said the train was traveling from New York City and heading towards Niagara Falls.

“Despite efforts of first responders on the scene, all three occupants were pronounced deceased,” Glass said. “The victims were a 69-year-old male, a 66-year-old female and a 6-year-old male.”

Officials say the crash took place before 8 p.m. and did not identify the individuals who were involved in the crash. 

Police say crews were doing a saturation patrol in the area on Friday night, with several local police agencies conducting warrant arrests and traffic stops. Chief Glass says despite one of its traffic stops taking place right near the tracks, this did not have any relation or cause to the accident. 

“Detectives are in the process of gathering any possible camera footage they can, which will help determine any contributing factors in this accident,” Glass said.

Mayor Austin Tylec said that moving forward officials will make more of an effort, collaborating with the governor’s office and CSX transportation to further prevent incidents like this from happening again.  

The police department has utilized a New York State grant that allows them to focus on the safety of railroad crossings, preventing trespassers and educating the public. Although this is a piece of incident prevention, the city is committed to taking more action.

An investigation into the crash is ongoing. 

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