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2024 NFL schedule leaks, rumors: 49ers to play 2 Monday Night Football games this season



The 2024 NFL schedule will officially be released on Wednesday, May 15, at 5 p.m. PT. Over the next day and a half, we’ll get plenty of news and hear rumors about the San Francisco 49ers schedule. The NFL loves to make the schedule drop a week-long event, hinting at individual games leading up to Wednesday night.

We’ll use this post to collect any news and rumors related to the 49ers’ schedule in 2024 so we can keep up with the latest developments. Remember, in today’s social media day and age, unverified rumors will be leaked. So, tread lightly. We’ll err on the side of caution when it comes to leaks and only publish rumors that come from verified sources.

49ers 2024 schedule rumors and leaks

In an ideal world, the 49ers are benefitting from rest with this hypothetical second Monday Night Football game and it coincides with a bye or Thursday night game. For now, Buck’s word is all we have.

49ers home opponents:

49ers road opponents:

49ers 2024 schedule

Week 1 — vs. New York Jets

Week 2 —

Week 3 —

Week 4 —

Week 5 —

Week 6 —

Week 7 —

Week 8 —

Week 9 —

Week 10 —

Week 11 —

Week 12 —

Week 13 —

Week 14 —

Week 15 —

Week 16 —

Week 17 —

Week 18 —

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