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2023 BUSINESS VIEWPOINT — Gresham, small town USA



Editor’s note: The YNT went to every town in the county on a regular weekday/workday to see how locals see their businesses, their towns, their economies. How are things in 2023?

GRESHAM — The quaint and quiet town of Gresham is alive and proud.

The secluded town of 219 people boasts the Big Horn Bar with a wide variety of food from monster burgers to philly cheesesteak sandwiches, and their finger-licking cod platter, battered and deep fried.

Sitting right next to the bar is A. Walford Studio that will leave one looking their best from haircuts to hair styling and coloring.

Autumn Walford, owner of A. Walford said, “It’s a small town, it has that small town feel. Everyone knows everybodyand it just seems to be like a family.”

Walford bought the studio from Susie Tonniges in 2016. She is originally from Maine. She met her best friend in cosmetology school and followed her friend to Nebraska after schooling. She then met her husband, Andy Walford, whose family is from Gresham. She said they currently live in Utica, but she still loves coming to Gresham to provide the best hair services for her customers.

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Also featured in downtown Gresham is a post office, York State Bank, Tonniges Motors and Rolling T’s Custom Kitchen.

Post Office Clerk Maria Sutter also commutes to Gresham. She said, “On a personal level, I know everyone that comes in and they don’t have to give me their names. Everyone is close. I think Gresham is a nice little town and people here are very friendly.”

Every summer, Gresham celebrates the Fireman’s Picnic with a line-up of activities for locals including “The Big Horn” car and Tractor Show, a grand parade, barnyard pedal pulls and the Gresham Fireman’s barbeque, all held in downtown Gresham.

Downtown Gresham has a respectful history, founded in 1887 by the Pioneer Town Site Company. According to, the town was called the Village of “Poston” named after George, Judge W. Post of the Fourth Judicial District of York. After discovering another town had the name Poston, it was named “Gresham” in honor of Judge Walter Quinton, Secretary of State Under President Grover Cleveland.

In those years, the Fremont and Elkhorn Valley Railroad came through and the downtown was filled with prospering businesses including grocery stores, butcher houses, taverns, cafes, a department store, a drug store, an opera house, a small jail and a school.

Although most of downtown Gresham has become a historical facade, people residing in Gresham would not trade a thing for small town, USA.

The Big Horn Bar, a hub for friends and family to gather on weekend nights.


The York State Bank location in downtown Gresham offers several services for locals.


The Clem’s Opera House provided years of entertainment for the Gresham community during the 1900s. It still stores historical gems inside.


Rolling T’s Custom Kitchen sits in downtown Gresham for all of your butchering needs. 


Gresham’s big event every year is the Gresham Fireman’s Picnic. A Windsor loin barbeque is held at the fire station to raise funds and celebrate the Gresham Fire and Rescue. 



The grain elevator in Gresham still plays a major role in keeping the business district alive. 

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