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2 Florida tourists arrested for fighting each other over Disney World tickets and golf cart



Two tourists battered each other over Disney World tickets and a golf cart in a brutal brawl that landed both of them behind bars last week, Florida authorities said.

Missouri women Katherine Northrup, 31, and Gina Danforth, 28, fought each other inside a Wildwood, Florida home where they were hanging out with several other people, local police said, according to Fox 35.

The two started bickering over Disney tickets and the golf cart when their fight turned physical.

Two tourists from Missouri landed in a Florida jail after they brawled with each other over tickets to the popular amusement park, Disney World. Getty Images

Northrup claimed Danforth “got in her face and was spitting,” and then grabbed her hair and pinned her down, according to an arrest affidavit from Wildwood police.

Both women allegedly admitted to taking a swing at the other, the affidavit obtained by the local Fox station states.

When cops reached the home, the two women had to be separated as Northrup allegedly became “belligerent,” the document states.

Gina Danforth allegedly got in Katherine Northrup’s face and spat ahead of the fight. Sumter County Sheriff’s Office
Katherine Northrup admitted she also took a swing at Gina Danforth during the fight inside a Florida home. Sumter County Sheriff’s Office

Northrup had a visible scratch on her neck that can be seen in her mugshot. She also had scratches on her elbow and stomach, Fox 35 reported.

Meanwhile, Danforth was “not feeling well,” and was taken to a local hospital, per the affidavit.

Both women were taken to the Sumter County Detention Center after authorities couldn’t figure out who sparked the fight “due to the lack of credible witnesses,” according to the affidavit.

Danforth and Northrup were both charged with battery and posted $1,000 bond.  

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