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12 NYC bars are named among North America’s ’50 Best Bars’ for 2024



We know that New York City has the best bars in the world, but when the world recognizes our faves, it feels pretty good.

The 50 Best Brand, which also names the 50 Best Restaurants in the world, has unveiled its list of the 50 Best Bars in North America for 2024.

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While the title of No. 1 went to a spot in Mexico City, Handshake Speakeasy, New York City was the most prominent city with a whopping 12 bars making the list: Superbueno (No. 2), Overstory (No. 3), Martiny’s (No. 4), Double Chicken Please (No. 7), Katana Kitten (No. 12), Employees Only (No. 15), Dante (No. 20), Attaboy (No. 31), The Dead Rabbit (No. 33), Maison Premiere (No. 41), Angel’s Share (No. 43) and Milady’s (No. 44).

Most of them have been spotlighted by ’50 Best’ before, but two took home specific honors this time. Martiny’s is the “Nikka Highest Climber Award” because it jumped 25 spots between 2023 and 2024, and Superbueno earned the “Disaronno Highest New Entry Award.”

Each year, New York continues to excel in delivering the world’s most amazing craft cocktails. In 2024, New York holds 12 of the 26 U.S. listees, including the continent’s highest achievers,” the organization said in its press release.

Apparently, Mexico City is where it’s at right now for the best cocktails! The ’50 Best’ awards ceremony was held there again this year. The city “continues to platform the country’s place as a leader of the global cocktail scene.”

Below are the top 50 Best Bars in North America:

  1. Handshake Speakeasy, Mexico City
  2. Superbueno, New York
  3. Overstory, New York
  4. Martiny’s, New York
  5. Rayo, Mexico City
  6. Jewel of the South, New Orleans
  7. Double Chicken Please, New York
  8. Thunderbolt, Los Angeles
  9. Licorería Limantour, Mexico City
  10. Tlecān, Mexico City
  11. Zapote Bar, Playa del Carmen
  12. Katana Kitten, New York
  13. Café La Trova, Miami
  14. El Gallo Altanero, Guadalajara
  15. Employees Only, New York
  16. Aruba Day Drink, Tijuana
  17. Café de Nadie, Mexico City
  18. La Factoría, San Juan
  19. Kumiko, Chicago
  20. Dante, New York
  21. Civil Liberties, Toronto
  22. Service Bar, Washington DC
  23. Allegory, Washington DC
  24. Botanist Bar, Vancouver
  25. Herbs & Rye, Las Vegas
  26. Baltra Bar, Mexico City
  27. Bekeb, San Miguel de Allende
  28. Kaito del Valle, Mexico City
  29. Bar Pompette, Toronto
  30. True Laurel, San Francisco
  31. Attaboy, New York
  32. Meadowlark, Chicago
  33. The Dead Rabbit, New York
  34. Selva, Oaxaca
  35. Library by the Sea, Grand Cayman
  36. Century Grand, Phoenix
  37. Arca, Tulum
  38. Pacific Cocktail Heaven, San Francisco
  39. Cloakroom, Montreal
  40. Bar Mordecai, Toronto
  41. Maison Premiere, New York
  42. Hanky Panky, Mexico City
  43. Angel’s Share, New York
  44. Milady’s, New York
  45. Brujas, Mexico City
  46. Mírate, Los Angeles
  47. Cure, New Orleans
  48. Best Intentions, Chicago
  49. The Keefer Bar, Vancouver
  50. Atwater Cocktail Club, Montreal

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